Post-Science ChinaMilton and Rose Friedman with Hugh Ching. Click to learn more about `Chinese Economic Reform' a 1988 speech by Friedman.

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> Epigenetic Lifestyle: Lifestyle modifies DNA expression.

Lotfi Zadeh, founder of fuzzy logic (post-science considers fuzzy logic as the technical foundation of fault tolerance, where inputs and outputs in post-science are fuzzy.

Toy Dancing Doll, a.k.a. Chien Yi Lee, inventor of Computing With Integers, will become the most loved intellectual in the world, when current English-Like computer source codes are replaced by her Integer-Like source codes, as DNA, and is shared by Lotfi Dancing Zadeh, inventor of Computing With Words and Father of Realitogic, and Hugh Ching, inventor of Complete Automation and the Jumpulse Dance. Below: Lee and Ching capture Prof.Ram,C.V.Ramamoorthy.
C. V. Ramamoorthy, one of the founders of Post-Science Institute and the most knowledgeable professor in computer science outside of USA with Hugh Ching and Chien Yi Lee. Click to a Business Plan on Universal Permanent Numbers.
Ching is the inventor of
> Universal Permanent Numbers
> UPN Explanation
> UPN Registration
> UPN Search &UPS
"Post-Science is the anti-establishment knowledge beyond science, dealing with solutions of value, software, and motion."

"All investments should run through the Infinite Spreadsheet, without which investing is blindfolded."

> Post-Science Introduction
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> The Infinite Spreadsheet Valuation System

> Patent: Quantitative Supply and Demand Model Based On Infinite Spreadsheet

> Patent: Completely Automated And Self-Generating Software System

> Jumpulse Tennis

> Jumpulse Center

Post-Science Institute Founders/Top Intellectuals In Their Countries
Ta-You Wu/China T. L. Kunii/Japan C. V. Ramamoorthy/India Lotfi A. Zadeh/USA
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Kenneth Arrow and Hugh Ching. Click to learn more about friends of Post-Science Institute.

K. T. Li and Hugh Ching. Click to learn more about friends of Post-Science Institute.

With its solutions of value and (completely automated) software, post-science is the mainstream knowledge of the future and sets the foundation for the next-generation knowledge, as science has been the foundation of the knowledge of the past 500 years. The post-science problems with 50 to 500 variables are orders of magnitude more complex than problems in science with 5 variables. Also, post-science has solved a problem missed by science dealing with motion. While mechanical motions start with zero force, human or animal motions start with finite force called jumpulse, a new concept discovered by Ta-You Wu, Father of Chinese Physics, and Hugh Ching, Founder of Post-Science (Photo below, and with Kenneth Arrow, T. K. Li, Richard Stallman, T. L. Kunii in left photos). Post-Science Institute welcomes other thinkers to join its Knowledge Team. Please email to: amy(at)jumpulse(dot)com. Jumpulse is a post-Newtonian concept applicable to robot touch, prolonged contact in sports, and Jumpulse Dance.
T. L. Kunii, one of the founders of Post-Science Institute and the number one intellectual in Japan, sandwiched between Hugh Ching and Richard Stallman. Click to learn more about work of T. L. KuniiTa-You Wu and Hugh Ching (founders of Post-Science Institute with C. V. Ramamoorthy and T. L. Kunii). Click to learn about Ta-You Wu and his collaboration with Hugh Ching and Post-Science Institute.
Hugh Ching, the inventor of Jumpulse Dance, embraced by a fan and a student (Chien Yi Lee) after a Jumpulse Dance exhibition. Click to see (for adult 18 and over) more Jumpulse Dances.
Amy Demonstrates Jumpulse Dance"Push It"
Three Lessons of Universal Permanent Software (UPS).
Jumpulse Dance
Hugh Ching, the inventor of Jumpulse Dance, is shown above embraced by a fan and Chien Yi Lee after a Jumpulse Dance Exhibition.

Post-Science Lifestyle Priorities:
1. Knowledge,
2. Happiness,
3. Health,
4. Money.

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Student of Post-Science
Chien Yi Lee is the inventor (approved by C. V. Ramamoorthy) of Universal Computer Source Code. Her Computing With Integers when combined with Computing With Words of Zadeh forms Universal User Interface.

Jumpulse Dance by Ching

Jumpulse Dance 2016

Self-Creation: UPS>DNA
Jumpulse Mechanism Debounce Collision

Jumpulse Sport: Double-Hit

Milton Friedman (above with wife Rose and Hugh Ching) believes in the Free Market and cannot understand the Infinite Spreadsheet, but society needs this solution of value to predict and solve financial crises, such as the S&L Crisis and the Subprime Woe (communication with Bernanke).

Deterministic Valuation:
Real Estate Brokerage Based On Infinite Spreadsheet Commercial real estate brokerage system centered around the question: "What Is The Price?"

Post-Science(student) or Postscience(old)
From Pre-Science to Science to Post-Science

Infinite Spreadsheet
From Finite Spreadsheet to Infinite Spreadsheet
A rational decision must take into consideration all the consequences to infinity in time.

Solution Of Touch
Jumpulse is a sudden change of force. It is the solution of touch, collision without bounce, and of prolonged contact, the secret of consistency in sports.

From Man-Made Laws to Free Market to Non-Violable Laws Of Nature, which also define
Ethic (Evil Equation)

17 Houses of Zheng
DNA of Old Business Ching Family Solving The Problem Of Value

Northwestern Polytechnic University
NPU picture of President of NPU, George Hsieh, Hugh Ching, Pochang Hsu, and Richard Stallman, 2010.
Chinese Post-Science
The goal of life is to determine the value of the DNA.
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