Pioneers of Post-Science

Immanuel Kant:Originated the technical concept of infinity and the non-consequentialism.
Benedict Spinoza:Independent thinker, advised against abstraction, recommended following reality and solving a problem in its entirety, originated pantheism.
David Hilbert:Leading mathematician of the Nineteenth century, teacher of Richard Courant, considered Kant the originator of the concept of infinity.
Richard Courant:Leading mathematics of the twentieth century, teacher of Harold Grad.
Harold Grad:Considered by Hugh Ching a scholar of highest intellectual integrity, one of six best students of Courant, teacher of Hugh Ching, approved Generalized Fluid Description of Ching as the correct theoretical foundation of plasma physics.
John von Neuman:Attempted to solve, but was unable to finish, the problem of value and the problem of complete automation, helped Gerard Debreu to introduce the correct spatial solution of value.
Alan Turning:Student of Neumann, mapped out the similarity between the foundations of computer and life.
Gerard Debreu:Solved the spatial part of the problem of value, clearly defined the problem of supply and demand in his book Theory of Value, approved the post-science definition of value as the sum total of all the benefits and losses to infinity in time.
Kenneth Arrow:A scholar of extraordinary comprehensive ability, the first person to fully understand the solution of value, approved Debreu's spatial solution of value, approved the deterministic nature of the Infinite Spreadhseet.
Milton Friedman:The greatest thinker of the twentieth century, his free market is a forerunner of maximum planning, which is technically supported by the Infinite Spreadsheet, helped by Ching in introducing Monetary Theory to the Chinese Economic Reform.
Ta-You Wu:Father of Chinese Physics, inventor of "jumpulse," with Ching as the first two people who can think the problem of touch, collaborated with Ching in touch research and in forming Post-Science Research in Taiwan.
T. L. Kunii:The spiritual leader of post-science, initiated the jumpulse research, the world leader in Descriptive Knowledge as the Founder of Computer Graphics Society with headquarters in Geneva.
C. V. Ramamoorthy:Founder of software engineering, the first person to fully grasp Universal Permanent Software, approved Universal Computer Source Code of Chien Yi Lee.
Paul Feyerabend:Foremost philosopher of science, supported Ching for eight years with Benson Mates (biographer of Libnitz) at the Department of Philosophy of the University of California at Berkeley.
Bill Kinnard:First person to fully understand the solution of value.
William Seidman:Examined and understood the Infinite Spreadsheet, but did not accept it for application for the Savings and Loan Crisis.
Richard Stallman:Founder of Free Software Foundation, provided Economic Freedom to software, while Universal Permanent Software provides Technical Freedom to software, a friend of post-science.
Hugh Ching: :Founder of post-science.

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