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"A robot can be defined as an intelligent machine that can touch. For coining the word 'jumpulse,' which is the fundamental concept in the solution to touch, Ta-You Wu should be considered the father of robotics, a field which could be a millennium ahead of our time and so is Wu."

Announcing A New Educational Designation

PSc.D., Doctor of Post-Science

Post-science surpasses science in both complexity and rigor. With the creation of the Doctor of Post-Science by the Post-Science Institute, the Ph. D. or Sc. D. degree is no longer the highest academic designation.

As the post-scientific discoveries of infinite spreadsheet and complete automation replace the scientific concepts of finite spreadsheet and partial automation, post-science makes obsolete the current education based on science. Post-Science Institute introduces a designation of Doctor of Post-Science (PSc. D.for Post-Ph. D. or Post-Sc.D). Since PSc.D. is a new educational designation, it is initially, and currently, a certificate of knowledge distinction, and might eventually become a formal degree of post-secondary education. Also, it is advisable for a Doctoral candidate to work on PSc.D. concurrently with a Doctoral research. All the Doctoral candidates should have a chance to compare their research topics with post-science to make sure that their research is not already obsolete in view of the presence of post-science.

Knowledge, not degree, should be the goal of education. Doctoral students should seek out their own mentors, and doctoral degree holders should be able to identify the lineage of their learning. For PSc. D. the lineage is David Hilbert to Richard Courant to Harold Grad to Hugh Ching, the Founder of post-science. The modern educational system seems to benefit the teachers more than the students. As a result, the system tends to suffocate the natural human diversified potential and, in so doing, produces no great thinkers since its inception. The modern system should be replaced by a system of mentorsship, examplified by Socrate to Plato and to Aristotle or by Jesus to his disciples.

A PSc.D. in Post-Science will be granted to anyone who can think or understand one or more of the solutions in post-science, namely, those of value, software, and touch. The solution to value is disclosed in the patent "Quantitative Supply And Demand Model Based On Infinite Spreadsheet" (Pat. No. 6,078,901), and the solution to software is disclosed in the patent "Completely Automated And Self-generating Software System" (Pat. No. 5,485,601). The solution to touch was first explained in the book Table Tennis, Scientific Analysis, which explains ball control, the ability of a player to keep a ball in prolonged contact with a racket during impact and the secret of consistency in sports. All the graduating students in post-science will, at least, be able to predict the real estate market and, if SEC can make sure the earning estimates are correct, the stock market as well.

If one has the potential in post-science or can contribute to post-science, one should try to register as a student of post-science or to work concurrently in both the regular Ph. D. and PSc.D. to get a comparison of the two. Usually, a student of post-science is, not just a genius, but a super genius, for only one other person (Ta-You Wu with two Nobel students) in the world has demonstrated the ability to think the physical mechanism of touch, two other people (Kenneth Arrow, Nobel 1972 and Gerard Debreu, Nobel 1983) in the world have the background to understand the solution to value, and none, except the inventor, so far can fully understand the solution to software, although Richard Ellis, the Patent Examiner, and Prof. Chitoor. V. Ramamoorthy of UC Berkeley, and T. L. Kunii, the Founder of the Department of Information Science at the University of Tokyo, have approved the solution of completely automated software.

These solutions of value, software, and touch, along with Kunii's Generalized Computer Graphics Theory, are a coherent effort toward the construction of Self-manufactured General Purpose Robots, which will replace all human physical labors and which is the beginning of mankind's ultimate goal of self-creation. In conclusion, post-science, which deals with knowledge relevant to our daily lives, makes obsolete all the other current post-secondary education, particularly, the Ph. D. program, which should be taken concurrently with our PSc.D program for any serious young scholar for a comparison of science and post-science. Please visit the post-science web site at for a practical demonstration of post-science in stock valuation and an intellectual challenge to the world scientific community.

Post-Science Institute is also currently affiliated with several universities which convey the Ph. D. Degree. Anyone who believes that he or she can understand any of the innovations in post-science, in particular, the solutions to value, software, and touch should contact the Post-Science Institute ( for more information. Thank you for your interest.

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